Windows 8 Pro Upgrade price to increase 6X

en-INTL_L_Win_8_Pro_3UR-00001Ever since Microsoft launched Windows 8 back in October, you have been able to upgrade from Windows XP or better for the very low price of $39.99 or $14.99  if you purchased a qualifying PC this year. The Media Center Pack was also available for free. That bargain is coming to an end at the end of the Month.

en-INTL_L_Win_8_Pro_3UR-00001_RM1On  February 1st the price to upgrade a Windows XP, Vista or 7 PC will increase by as much as a factor of six.

  • Windows 8 Pro Download: $249.99 (US $199.99)
  • Windows Media Center Pack: $9.99  Requires Windows 8 Pro

windows-8-ebook-v2_294x220If you have been on the fence about upgrading your PC to Windows 8 then now is the time to move. You can get it here. If you decide to upgrade then I recommend you also download Dell’s free Windows 8 For Dummies eBook.

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