Bob H&S SmallBorn in Montreal Bob Benedetti has lived here all his life except for 6 years while serving with the RCAF. During that period he flew CF-100 All-Weather Interceptors in Europe as part of Canada’s contribution to NATO.

In 1970 Bob joined the Broadcasting industry where he was to remain for the next 35 years. Starting out as a newscaster with CFOX Radio on Montreal’s West Island he moved to CFCF TV the following year. His first job at CFCF was Producer of the award winning As It Is, a weekly public affairs program. Later he teamed up with the late Ginger Jones to form Pulse Probe, Montreal’s first television unit dedicated to producing hard hitting investigative reports for Pulse News. The numerous awards garnered by this unit included the prestigious Ohio State Award and the B’Nai Brith Human Rights League Award of Merit.

During his 34 years with CFCF TV and CTV Montreal Bob also worked as a general assignment reporter covering such major events as the tragic fires at the Bluebird Café in Montreal and the New Year’s Eve blaze at Chapais in Northern Quebec. He received an ACTRA Award (now called Gemini) for a hard hitting expose of the Apostles of Infinite Love.

As a Special Events Producer Bob was responsible for live election and political convention broadcasts and special events as diverse as Premier Rene Levesque’s Visit to Paris and Super Bowl XXI broadcast in French on the TQS Network. He also computerized the news department and acquired the first Satellite Truck in Canada which was the first privately licensed Satellite ground in Canada.

On two occasions Bob served as Executive Producer of News the position he held at retirement in 2004.

Following retirement Bob served as Mayor of Beaconsfield for four years and now writes a daily blog Home Technology Montreal, his take on the latest in Personal Technology and Car Tech. He can be read daily at https://hometechmtl.com.


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Bob Benedetti



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  1. Hi bob

    Nice to see you and it looks like I might even learn something about The PC world.
    I am a confirmed Mac person, so I hope you won’t leave us out in your blog.
    I wish I had your aptitude in the computer world. I still stumble along and find
    I spend more and more time reading on the net. It is never too late to learn more
    about the world.

    as you say “cheers”

      1. it is regarding the 50th anniversary of ctv. My dad’s company was Kenwoods moving and storage I don’t remeber the exact dates but I remeber it was in the sixtys through the seventies he transported the CFCF MOBILE UNIT around the city, he was William Frank Kenwood also a spitfire pilot prisoner war
        hero he died at 82 but legacy lives on at Mcmasters university as a case study if you Google him .

  2. Hello Bob,

    Nice to meet you at the train station today, just tried that Wi-Fi in the train while reviewing your blog a bit. I love you approach on things and a great blog you got there. I’m sure this is helping a lot of people to get a glimps at what’s available out there.

    I hope I could also have more spare time to try all of these little toys out there, so tks for doing it for us. At least, we can now concentrate on the ones that are worth taking time for. 😉

    Best of luck with the blog and see you in the cloud or in the train!



  3. Hi Bob,

    You sure look well, just like the guy I knew when eating spaghetti Renaldo. Remember viewing our daily “Pulse News” reports 1975 – 77.

    Got your address from Mike Cohen after reading his article on CFCF-TV anniversary.


    Bob Heide
    Napa, California

      1. Right you are and challenging. My wife and I are enjoying this area after living 30+ years in the traffic of Los Angeles. We live facing the 12th tee on the north course of the Silverado Resort.

        What are you up to these days?

  4. Can you believe that was over 35 years ago. My wife and I are enjoying a quiet life in Napa after 30+ years of traffic congestion in Los Angeles.

    I am really fortunate after open heart surgery 2.5 years ago.

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