Use passwords? Get Dashlane

It seems hardly a week goes by without some horror story about compromised passwords costing someone money or at the very least a whole lot of inconvenience. As a result a whole new product class of Password managers has emerged. I have tried quite a few of them and like Dashlane the best.

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Dashlane is a robust password manager with a good looking interface and best of all is free. It allows you to keep track of your passwords easily and securely, and access them wherever you go. Auto-login into any website, and generate strong, unique passwords when you need them. Save your IDs, credit cards, and other sensitive personal data, and autofill them for express checkout on every website. It is loaded with features:

  • – Encrypt all your passwords behind your Master Password, which only you know!
  • – Rest assured that your passwords are encrypted locally on your device using AES-256 encryption — the industry’s leading encryption
  • – Your Master Password is never stored or transmitted anywhere, so there are no backdoors or security loopholes
  • – Get alerts when one of your passwords is at risk, and be the first to know about security breaches
  • – Generate, save and autofill new, strong passwords while you’re browsing, in one tap
  • – Securely send passwords or notes via self-destructing messages
  • – Auto-login to your accounts using our in-app browser, or press to copy/paste passwords to your apps
  • – Use secure notes to save any other personal information, such as wifi passwords
  • – Add another layer of 2-factor authentication to your login

I have been using it for several weeks now and love how Dashlane will automatically log you in to your password protected sites and provides for more than one username for the same site..great for family computers. I found the form filling function to be excellent and as responsive as any I have tried over the years.

Concerned about security? Dashlane offers Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator.  Someone who wants your passwords has to have both something you know (your master password) and something you own (your cell phone) to get access. Plus the interface warns you about insecure passwords or ones used on multiple sites every time you open the application. As you can see, mine need a bit of work.

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With your personal information stored in Dashlane, making an online purchase becomes a breeze. Just click the Web form and choose the data you want to use; Dashlane does the rest. Most form-fillers consider their job done once the form is filled; Dashlane kicks it up a notch. When it detects that you’ve completed an online purchase, it offers to save a receipt. Naturally the receipt includes all pertinent information including the date and time of the purchase. You can edit the saved receipt to add a personal note or assign the receipt to a category. It also captures screenshots periodically during the checkout process. Now if you have any problems with an online vendor, you can present a very clear representation of the entire purchase process.

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It is hard to believe all of this is completely free with no intrusive ads to bother you. Well there is a limitation it is free it you limit Dashlane to one computer. If you want to share your data with other computers and securely back up your information you must sign up for Premium Service for $19.95 per year. That provides Secure cloud backup, Sync to unlimited devices, web access to your password even if you don’t have any of your devices with you as well as Priority support. I have subscribed and find it well worth the money to have synced passwords and other data available on my Mac Mini, MacBook Air and Windows desktop.

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photoDashlane on small handheld devices still needs work in my opinion. Apps are available for Android Phones and Tablets and iPhones…an iPad app is on the way and for now the iPhone app is pretty much useless on an iPad because it doesn’t scale up very well. The big drawback as far as I am concerned is that you are limited to using Dashlane’s built in browser..there is no integration with Safari or Chrome. So you give up syncing of bookmarks across devices in return for password management. Fortunately I rarely access password protected on my phone or tablet so I can live with this limitation especially when it eliminates the difficulty of filling in the tiny text fields on forms. Still I would like to see Safari and Chrome integration on mobile devices.

In my experience Dashlane works really well on my computers and pretty good on my phones and tablets. It is fast, flexible and accurate with top of the line security and the upgrade to Premium is well worth the $20/year. If you use passwords , fill out forms or need to store data securely then you should have is simply the best.

Dashlane is a free install for Windows, Mac, Android phones and tablets and iPhone and is available at the Dashlane website or the appropriate app store.