Thanksgiving Special

Today  I am taking a break from writing about the latest gadgets to share with you an important event that happened today in my home town of Beaconsfield.

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While I was Mayor I often lamented at the lack of a War memorial in Beaconsfield but other priorities always seemed to get in the way so I never got around to doing anything about it.

Finally, somebody did. A Beaconsfield resident Major Richard Gratton spearheaded a Heroes Committee and today, fittingly the beginning of the Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, Heroes Park was launched. It is the product of a community based partnership which includes the City of Beaconsfield, Students, teachers,administrator and staff of Beaconsfield High School and others. The new park will honour not only those who have given their lives in military service  but other community protectors such as Police, Firefighters and first responders. It is a unique concept.

Take a look at this video montage of the launch event.

Construction of Heroes Park will begin in the spring of 2014 and completion is scheduled for the fall of the same year. It will cost about $190,000. The City of Beaconsfield has donated the park site, Veterans Affairs Canada has committed $50,000 and the volunteer committee has already raised $100,000. Public fundraising will begin soon and there will be creative ways for residents to contribute. You can get more details at the Heroes Committee website

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