TELUS warning customers about vacation phone scam

TELUS_logoIt seems scammers are always looking for new angles to separate people from their money and or personal information. TELUS customers are the latest target and the company wants to warn its customers to watch for a scam call in the form. of an incoming robocall

TELUS warning customers about vacation phone scam

Scammers using TELUS name to try to defraud Canadians

TELUS is warning its customers about a sudden and significant increase in the volume of vacation scam calls. When someone picks up the scam call a recorded voice thanks them for choosing TELUS and that the company is giving you a free vacation for being a good customer. If you stay on the line it connects you to a person who will try to convince you to give them personal information or send money as a down-payment on fees for the vacation.

The calls are fraudulent, and in no way related to TELUS. TELUS recommends you simply hang up if you receive a call.

The scam is common, re-surfacing periodically using the name of a well-known corporation to appear credible to try and trick people into sharing personal information or sending money to a fraudster.

While the calls typically have a North American caller ID that is simply an attempt to look legitimate and gain trust. TELUS Security has confirmed the caller ID is being spoofed, and the calls are actually coming from outside Canada. TELUS Security has already blocked calls from several numbers from reaching its customers, but the scammers are simply creating new false numbers.

It appears the scammers are using auto-dialers to randomly call thousands of phone numbers – not just TELUS customers.

TELUS Security is working with law enforcement officials to try to determine where the calls are, in fact, coming from and put an end to them at the source if possible.

This is just one of several common phone scams that periodically target Canadians. If you receive a call you suspect is fraudulent, do not give out personal information and simply hang up. Legitimate telemarketers will always know your name and will always provide you with a number for you to call them back at your convenience.

If you believe you may have given personal information to a scam artist and need assistance securing your TELUS account, please call TELUS Fraud Management at 1-877-567-2062.

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