Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Someone who Does a Lot of Presentations


The iPin is the perfect gadget for the busy professional who is always giving presentations. It is a tiny little laser pointer that fits into the audio jack of your iPhone. iPin P1050733No bigger than a headset plug the iPin fits perfectly inside the headphone jack. With downloadable iPin app support, it allows you to control presentation slides straight from your phone. No more fumbling for new batteries or misplaced laser pointer. iPin is ready to use anytime, anywhere and not only for presentations. Imagine for example, you are inspecting a building and want to highlight a feature high on the problem with the iPin. iPin app Once the iPin is plugged into your iPhone you simply press the big button to control the powerful 635nm laser. Now some may find it a bit awkward on the iPhone 5 and up because the speaker jack is on the bottom so essentially you have to hold your iPhone upside down to use the pointer. As an added bonus the are companion apps for OS X and Windows that allow you to control the presentation on your laptop by flicking the big red button and you can do it from anywhere in the room.

The iPin makes a great stocking stuffer for that busy professional on your list. It is available from the online store for $50.