Urgent Call

Never miss an urgent call again!

We live in a connected world. Cell phones are ubiquitous and everyone seems to be always connected but in fact we’re not!

Silencing our cell phones every once in a while is absolutely necessary whether it’s for a good night’s sleep, an important business meeting, a night out at the movies or just to relax/disconnect for a few hours. Urgent Call allows you to do just that while ensuring that in the event of an emergency your loved ones and the people who depend on you most (e.g., elderly, children, children with disabilities) are able to contact you.

Urgent Call is the answer to the uneasy feeling we all experience when we put our phones on silent. That nagging worry of  “what if there’s an emergency? ”What if my child has an allergic reaction? What if my wife goes into labor?? What if my son/daughter is in an accident? What if something happens at my child’s school?

Urgent Call is a simple Android app that once installed provides you with a special emergency number that you can give to people who must be able to reach you at all times. You then list those contacts in the app which authorizes them to use the service. When someone calls your emergency number a recording first advised caller to call 911 if this is a life threatening emergency and then asks if this is truly an urgent call. If the response is yes, the call is then forwarded to your phone which will ring no matter what Do Not Disturb setting you may have set and it will ring until it is answered.

Urgent Call



If your phone is turned off out of range it will ring with a special message as well as a SMS message as soon as the phone is turned on or regains its connection to the network.

I found the service to be effective and quick and the $24 per year for 10 minutes of Urgent calls ($5 for each additional 10 minutes) to be reasonable and a good investment for those who have loved ones who must be able to reach them in an emergency.

Urgent Call messageI do have a couple of complaints: I was assigned a number in the 213 Area Code (California) which is a long distance call from pretty much everywhere in North America. As well, the system presumes all your emergency callers have a cell phone capable of receiving SMS messages. If they do not you will have to call or email them to provide the emergency number…probably a good idea anyway.

If the contact you authorize doesn’t have a valid mobile number Urgent Call should send an email or warn you to otherwise contact them with the emergency number.

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