Logitech Harmony Smart Control. Great Universal Remote at a Great Price

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love Logitech Harmony Remotes. I think they are the best Universal remote for everything from a simple two device system up to a huge complicated Home Entertainment Centre with up to 15 devices.


Most recently I reviewed the top of the line Harmony Ultimate Remote and today we are going to look at its baby brother the Harmony Smart Control. At its heart is the same Harmony Hub scaled down to control only 8 devices instead of the 15 device capability of its bigger brother. It only comes with one IR Blaster as it is designed for the simpler Home Entertainment System. The big deal of the Harmony Hub is that it allows you to control home theater devices located behind cabinets or walls. You don’t have to point your mobile phone or remote at your devices anymore. You don’t even have to be in the same room.

The  Harmony Smart Remote is designed to be used with the iPhone or Android App for maximum control. I must say the Apps have been improved considerably since I wrote the review on the Ultimate. The Apps look more polished and there were no more issues communicating reliably with the Hub. It turns your smartphone into a simple to use full blown remote with access to all the functions of your devices plus there is the really handy favorite channel list. I would still like to see it paired with some sort of program guide.


For those occasions when the smartphone is not available the Smart Control includes what Logitech calls a “simple” remote. Talk about understatement.

We use this “simple” remote all the time for our bedroom TV..as you saw in the video it has all the functions you need for such a simple setup.

The Logitech Harmony Smart Control is a great universal remote and what you would expect from a Harmony Remote. Now how much does all this power cost? Believe it or not, a mere $129. If you have a home entertainment setup with only a few devices you want this remote. Get it wherever TV Accessories are sold.

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