iPhone 6 Review– Pretty Much Perfect

iPhone 6

Like many iPhone users I had been lusting for a bigger phone..but not too much bigger. The current crop of 5”+ flagship smartphones don’t appeal to me at all…the big screen is nice but the phones are just too big for my hands. Experience has shown me that a 4.7” smartphone is the sweet spot for me. The screen is big enough yet the device is small enough to be comfortable in my hand. So the second the rumour mill announced Apple would be making a 4.7” smartphone I was hooked sight unseen.

iPhone 6When I was finally able to lay my hands on an iPhone 6 I wasn’t disappointed..it is a bigger, badder, sleeker iPhone that is clearly an iPhone even from across the room. It is is impressive, all sleek glass and cool aluminum. It looks positively space age, no hard edges like previous models.  There’s only a whisper of a bezel; the brushed aluminum back wraps around a softly curved edge to meet the glass front. And it is so slim, a mere 6.9 mm thick. It is still a black slab of Gorilla glass live eery other flagship phone but somehow the iPhone 6 has style, a je ne sais quoi that the others don’t manage to pull off.

iPhone 6

It’s really light, too, at just 4.55 ounces. they Phone 6 is slightly heavier than the 5s, but, it is way bigger yet somehow feels lighter than its older sibling.. That screen, in my opinion, is the best you’ll find on any similar-sized smartphone. With a resolution of 1,334 x 750, and 326 ppi the images are really sharp plus the colors are rich and bright, and appear to be closer to the glass cover.

The new design features some physical changes, the power button moves to the right side…finally!…and the audio controls are now rectangular to fit the slim body.


Under the hood is a more powerful M8 processor and it shows. The screen is way more responsive and snappy..things seem to happen instantaneously; apps pop open and multi-tasking doesn’t seem to slow things down. Performance on the TELUS LTE network is also impressive. The new processor makes iOS 8 sing even if some of its most impressive improvements aren’t quite ready iPhone 6 Handoffyet..I have been able to get handoff to work sporadically with some apps on my Yosemite equipped MacBook Air. Notice the Contacts icon to the left of the dock

On the other hand the phone call function works great every time on my MacBook Air and iPad Mini with Retina running iOS 8. This is a very cool and handy feature that I can see using often.

iPhone 6 Handoff

iPhone 6 Handoff

iPhone 6 Health KitAnother improvement is a new M8 motion co-processor that build upon the introductory M7 that debuted with the iPhone 5s. Similar to the M7, the new M8 is an integrated motion coprocessor that is designed for fitness apps. It’s more than a step tracker, the new M8 can distinguish between sports such as cycling and running. It also can calculate distance and elevation using an onboard barometer to measure air pressure. The addition of the Health Kit on the iPhone 6 provides an outlet for all that data. Not only can it report data from the onboard M8 it can collect data from devices such as fitness bands and health related apps creating a central clearing house for all your health related data.

Notifications has taken a step up with the capability to use widgets. Soon we will see all kinds of widgets adding features to the Notifications bar…already there are quite a few. I am using two custom widgets from Avanio Labs to show my local weather as well as my agenda.

iPhone 6 widgets

The iPhone 6 is also Apple’s first phone with a NFC chip. Unfortunately it will be available only to the Apple Pay app when it launches in the US next month and soon in Canada. This is an unfortunate development because there are some pretty cool things that can be done with NFC chips. Hopeully it won’t be too long before Apple free it up for other apps

The 6MP rear camera lives up to past iPhone cameras…not the greatest at any one thing but pretty much the best overall camera you will find in a smartphone. It does everything well..take a look at the samples.

iPhone 6 camera shot iPhone 6 camera shot iPhone 6 camera shot

The video camera is equally as impressive at full 1080p HD.

The iPhone 6 is an elegant, well built smartphone with a gorgeous screen and great performance that is the perfect size for me and I expect many of you. If you want a really good looking phone that does everything right then you will want to consider the iPhone 6. If you are already hooked into the Apple ecosystem with an iPad and/or Apple computer then. there is no other choice.