Great case for iPad Mini with Retina

issentiel case closed

Once I received my iPad with Retina display it was a forgone conclusion I would turn to the folks at issentiel for a case. I love the feel, look and smell of genuine leather and that’s what you get from essentiel. located in Montpellier in the South of France issentiel prides itself on making fine luxury cases for mobile devices using the finest  european leather.


issentiel’s packaging telegraphs that there is a luxury product inside..first there is the classy black box but when you open the box you will find your new case wrapped in a soft cotton bag. Some like to store the iPad in the bag to protect the case but not for the great things about genuine leather is the patina that bit gets with age and wear. Unlike me it looks better as it ages.

issentil packaging Pull the case out of the bag and right away you notice that distinctive smell of real leather reinforced by the buttery feel of the leather. The top of the case is padded leather (mine is a really nice shade of red) with a tiny chrome issentiel logo at the lower right. The white stitching is nice and even and adds to the luxurious look.

issentiel case front


While the bottom has slightly less padding it still feels nice and soft.It features a hole for the camera as well as a tab used when you want to use the case as a stand. Again the stitching is impressive.

issentiel case back

Open the case and you will see the same buttery leather on the inside cover. The bottom plastic tray is coated with a rubberized finish that help protect the back of your iPad from scratches.

issentiel case interior

Your iPad snaps into the bottom tray easily but there is no question the design of the tray combined with the matte rubber finish holds you iPad securely. I have dropped it with the case open and my iPad remained gripped securely in the tray.

issential case w ipad

Close the cover and the spring loaded tab wraps around the edge of your iPad making the whole thing a tight package that both protects your iPad and looks great. All the ports are accessible and the cover functions like Apple’s Smart Cover by turning your iPad on or off as you open or close it.

issentiel case closed

Not only does the issentiel case look and feel good while protecting your precious iPad it functions as a stand as well. Using the tab on the back provides the right angle for watching videos or typing. For reading an ebook the cover folds nicely back and the feel of the leather makes it comfortable to hold and it only adds 170 grams (6 oz.) to your iPad Mini.

issentiel case as stand

All issentiel cases are available from the company’s web store. My Prestige Case for iPad Mini with Retina sells for $94.90USD within the EU. VAT is removed for shipments to the US and Canada bringing the price to $79.08USD which I think is a great price for such a quality case. Even better, Issential ships the same day to North America via FedEx for only $9.90 with 2-5 day delivery. Mine arrived in 2 days.

So if you want a really top quality good looking case for your mobile device do check out issentiel. You won’t be disappointed.