Find a Bixi..there’s an app for that. Plus a Giveaway for Montrealers.

device-2013-06-03-144641As the peak of the summer season approaches it becomes more difficult to find a Bixi station with a bike available or a station with space for a bike you are finishe with. Well, Bixi partner TELUS has come up with the solution..a powerful and helpful app.

Bixi is more than a listing of stations. It is an interactive app that tells you in real time where you can find an available Bixi or where you can park one. The information is available in list form or on a map and it uses the Location feature of the phone to show the availabilities closest to you. It also includes a timer to help you keep track of when to return your Bixi.


Since biking is an outdoor activity dependent on the weather the Bixi app also features the Sky Motion weather service that gives you an accurate minute by minute indication if it will rain where you are located. Way better than Scattered Showers which means it could rain somewhere in the forecast region sometime during the forecast period.

Bixi is available for free for iPhone and Android

Now for the freebie! If you live in Montreal thanks to my Friends at TELUS I have a Gift Card for a one year subscription to the Bixi service. Use the PunchTab App below to enter for a chance to win. The draw is open until Noon EDT June 14.

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