Double Disappointment at Apple Store

Today was the day I was going to pass my Mid-2012 MacBook Air over to my wife and replace it with a shiny new Gold MacBook. Unfortunately it was not to be.


I checked on line when I woke at 6AM to see that the MacBooks were sold out with ship dates of three to four weeks but, I wasn’t worried because I planned to be at the Apple Store when it opened. When the doors opened at 10AM there were way more employees than customers which surprised me because after all it is the first chance to get a look at the new Apple Watch.

So, credit card in hand I had no trouble finding someone to serve me. Then came my first disappointment of the day..not only were there no MacBooks to sell, there weren’t even any to look at. I can only surmise something must have gone wrong in the supply chain because Apple has been promising all along they would be available today. The sales rep was very apologetic but did offer to set me up with a demo of the Apple Watch. I declined because I had to head off to a dental appointment.

Apple Store

I returned to the Apple store at lunch time admittedly a bit hyped by the $38 million Apple has spent on advertising in the past month plus I wanted to pe a part of the excitement around Apple’s  first new product line since Steve Jobs. I was surprised to still see more employees than customers. There were only a few people getting demonstrations so I was able to get one right away.

Apple Store

With much ceremony my demonstrator selected the 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Link Bracelet from a locked drawer and first placed the $1299 device on a padded black mat before buffing it with a soft cloth then asking my permission to put it on my wrist.



I have to admit I liked the look and feel of the watch more than I expected…it is a nice looking watch that fit nicely even only small wrist. Hmm, I might change my mind and actually order one of these things. I even had my iPhone 6 ready to sync with the watch to get a feel for how it would work.  My second disappointment of the day. Sorry demo mode only.

You have to order one if you want to actually try it out and the shipping date is sometime in June. I decided to pass on the watch but I did order the MacBook which I won’t get until May 5th at the soonest.

I’m not sure who at Apple dreamed up this new way of launching product…I guess it is supposed to generate buzz..well there wasn’t a heck a lot of that at my local Apple Store today.