Cool case for iPhone — From Apple

iPhone 5s Cases

I am a case junkie and scour the internet for cool looking cases for my devices. I like premium cases and especially nice leather but I also like my cases slim and lightweight. I have tried cases from all over the world but for some reason I never looked to Apple for a case. That was a mistake!

I just got a new Apple case for my iPhone 5s and it is really impressive and available in five colours plus (RED)™.

iPhone 5s Cases

First the case is lightweight and slim..important when you are adding something to an already lightweight phone…you don’t want to be adding too much bulk to the stylish iPhone. Plus it is clearly designed to fit my iPhone like a glove..more on that later.

Unlike a lot of cases the interior of the Apple case is lined with soft microfibre to protect the finish of the iPhone from scuffs and scratches…important if you plan to resell your phone when it is time to upgrade.

iPhone 5s Case

The outside of the case is premium leather…it has a rich soft feel and that so important genuine leather smell. The back sports a understated embossed Apple logo and a hole for the camera and flash..nothing else. It wraps nicely around your iPhone with a small lip on the front to protect the screen in case of a fall.

iPhone 5s case

As I said at the beginning this case fits your iPhone 5/5s like a glove… all the holes for the ports are perfectly places and the cuts are nice and clean and the extensions for the buttons are perfectly placed and work smoothly with no fiddling needed.

These cool cases for your iPhone 5/5s are available from your local Apple Store or Authorized Reseller or at the online Apple Store for $45.