Connected Home with D-Link Smart Devices

The connected home is the next big thing in technology. Until recently home automation was an expensive undertaking requiring professional installers. All that has changed now with dozens of new DIY devices coming to market every week.

D-Link is bringing its long standing expertise in home WiFi networking to a number of new home automation devices. It began with cameras such as the D-Link Cloud Camera 1200 that I reviewed last year. More versatile models have been launched since then and D-Link has also produced a couple more smart devices that we will look at today.

D-Link Conected Home

First off is the foundation of most home control…D-Link’s entry level solution is the DSP- W110 WiFi Smart Plug. Like most small D-Link devices it is a well built white plastic box with only two buttons for manual power and WPS connection with your home router.

D-Link Smart Plug

Setting up the Smart Plug is simple…just follow the instructions on the free MyDLInk Home app..if your router supports WPS it takes a few seconds..a bit longer if you have to do a manual setup but the app walks you through the process.


Once set up you have control of anything connected to the plug using the smartphone app from anywhere. You can also set up a schedule to turn the lights or other devices on or give your house a lived in look while you are on vacation for example. The app allows you to set up a pretty complicated schedule with different times on different days. Lamp control however is basic, on or off…no dimming.

MyDLink Schedule

Now you can add some versatility with the DCH-S150 WiFi Motion Sensor. This little device plugs into any outlet and detects motion in the room.

D-Link Motion SensorYou can set up rules to turn on a lamp or other device or notify you when it detects motion. The only drawback to this little device is the need to have an outlet conveniently located where you need to detect motion.


Both these devices are pretty basic, the motion sensor doesn’t support If This Then That (IFTTT) recipes and the smart plug doesn’t tell the app its state so you can’t tell remotely if the connected device is on or off. The app shows only the state last set by the app. So if the light was for example turned on by the sensor it would still show as off on the app.


Despite some shortcomings these reliable, well built D-Link devices are a really good buy for those who only want to be notified of motion in the house and/or be able to control lights remotely or on a schedule. They are available wherever D-Link products are sold nicely priced between $40 and $45.