Add Backup Battery iPhone Charger

Like most road warriors I travel with a selection of chargers, cables and backup battery in order to keep all my devices up and running. The good folks at Nomad have come up with a little gadget that will make my load of charging paraphernalia a little  lighter.NomadPlus

The NomadPlus is a 1,500mAh external battery that wraps around Apple’s official iPhone power plug. Slide the charger in and you can top up your iPhone, or other low-power USB devices with just one device even if you are nowhere near a wall outlet. It will also recharge its own battery when plugged in. The compact size means you don’t get a lot of backuppower but it is enough to provide about a 70% charge to an iPhone…enough to get through a really busy day.


The NomadPlus will start shipping in November but you can pre-order from Nomad today for $39.

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