20 thoughts on “Win a HTC One. A great gift for Fathers Day”

  1. I wish that I actually liked my Android tablet better than my laptop, but that is not the case. Not the case of difficulty in adjusting to new technology but a case of “the laptop does it better.”

  2. Very pleased to see a homegrown site catering to this industry. Very rarely do you find relevant sources of mobile information coming from Canada, let alone Montreal, and given the notable differences in the mobile industry versus even the U.S., it’s good to find a site dedicated to mobile phones destined for the Canadian market.

  3. I have heard so many great things about this phone would love to try it. Huge Telus fan too so it would be prefect for me

  4. This would be a wonderful gift for Father’s Day, TY for the opportunity to possibly win one. My husband is still smarting from his Startac not being compatible with any network. This may help to bring him slowly into the more current world of technology. I think, he thought ,his Startac was from Star Trek, he really needs to Beam Up to the future. NOW.

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