Urbanears Zinken Headset — Comfortable — Sound Good

I recently laid my hands on a set of Urbanears Zinken headphones. These are Urbanears’ first foray into the pro DJ market after all, this small Scandinavian company is best known for their media player headphones.The Zinken headphones are named after an area of their native Sweden and feature a no-frills Scandinavian design, with enhancements such as swiveling earcups and a flexible dual-use cable.


The Zinkens come in ten different colors and they all have a matte finish. Around the outsides of the headband and the outsides of the earcups, the Zinken a rubberized texture.  The earcups are mostly made of plastic with a nice rubberized coating to the outside with no real markings on it except for a tiny tag near the headband that shows the Urbanears Logo. Unlike some headphones they don’t scream their name at you.  

Urban Ears Colours

The design of the hinge is very durable and strong and look like it will stand up to a lot of abuse. The headphones have 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers that are covered by some really comfortable memory foam pads and soft treated-Leather material that does not absorb sweat. The lightweight headset fits on top of the ear  and provide surprisingly good sound isolation. The Zinken also features swiveling earcups so you can opt for the classic one-eared stance of which DJs are so fond when lining up the next track.

Urbanears TurncableThe clever cable arrangement is probably worth the price of admission for these headphones. The reversible “TurnCable” cable features a 3.5mm mini jack on one end to plug into your phone or other favourite media player, and a professional style 6.3mm jack to stick in your mixer or controller. On top of that, the cable also has a mic/remote and a coiled section that provides some extra give so you can stretch a bit without yanking the headset off your head. The 6.3mm plug is on the left speaker and the 3.5mm is on the right.

Urbanears Zound-PlugThe remote is pretty basic, just a single button for ending calls and fast forwarding or pausing music. A volume controls wouldn’t have been nice. The two plugs also allow for something called “ZoundPlug”, which effectively lets you daisy-chain your headphones with a willing partner to share audio sources.

Like all brand new headphones I found them a bit tight but I can see how they will be really comfortable with some use. The audio quality was very good with good bass, not bone rattling but solid enough so you know it is there. They sound the best with electronic music but I fount the sound quality pleasing for all types of listening.

The Urbanears Zinken Headset is a solid well built headset with good audio at a respectable price of $120 at Best Buy, Future Shop, Indigo and Amazon.

I picked up my Zinkens at the spring showing of Agence Royale the local distributor…and I also saw a cool feature on the new Urbanears earbuds.

As well, they showed off the higher end ($230) Marshall headphones.


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  1. You could send me a sewt for testing with my audio system here! lol! By the way, how much? I am still using what i feel are the best…Sony MDR7506.

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