TELUS launches 2 year wireless plans next Monday

TELUS will offer 2 year wireless plans Monday July 30th a full 5 months earlier than required by new CRTC regulations.

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The new two-year TELUS SharePlus plan is simple. With the new plans, you first select the smartphones and tablets you want, with unlimited nationwide talk and text. You then select one data plan that will cover all the wireless internet needs of you or your entire household – including smartphones and tablets.  You can add an existing device you already have to the plan, buy a new one outright and pay a lower monthly rate, or pay off a new device on an easy-pay plan amortized over two years.

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TELUS offers the folowing typical examples:

  • A single person  gets a new iPhone 5 and a new Samsung tablet from TELUS, both on two year terms at discounted prices, along with a shared 1 GB data plan – $105 a month.
  • A family of four gets a new iPhone 5, a new Blackberry Q10 (both on the Smartphone plan), and two new Samsung Galaxy Ace II X’s (both on the Smartphone Lite plan), all on two-year terms at   discounted prices. They already have a tablet, and add that to the data plan. They are fairly heavy data users, so decide to share 3 GB’s a month – $270 a month for the entire family.
  • An individual already has their own smartphone they want to keep using so opt for the BYOD plan. While they talk and text a lot they don’t use much data, just a bit of social media and a few apps. They go with the 250 MB plan – $50 a month total.

There will also be similar offers for Small Business including plans with International Roaming built in for business with 15 wireless devices or less per account.

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TELUS has not announced device prices to go with these plans. However a quick look seems to indicate TELUS is building in a Starting Device Balance of $480 which generally should mean most subsidized phones will increase in price compared to current 3 year plans. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a notable exception it could drop from $229 to $221. An iPhone 5 16Gb could go up to $219 and a HTC One could see the price go from $149 to $170. I would expect TELUS to announce some special deals or trade-in offers to lessen the pain at first.

I am really happy to finally see a good discount for those of us who are not planning to buy a new phone. What do you think of TELUS’ new wireless plans? Comment below.