Smartphone Hub and Ringer

Renny HOME

More and more people are disconnecting their land line telephones and using their mobile phones as their sole communications link. It makes a lot of sense to save the cost of the land line service but you have to be sure to have your mobile phone nearby with the ringer turned on. All too often the mobile phone is in the office or bedroom plugged into the charger and you are somewhere else in the house when a call comes in.

iPhone ringing

The folks at Olens Technology have addressed this problem with a series of remote ringers. I have spent the last couple of weeks with the top of the line Renny HOME smartphone management system. Essentially it is a Bluetooth handsfree phone like the one in your car except it is equipped with a honking big high gain antenna to give it housewide range.

Renny HOME

 It is a simple process to pair your smartphone to the Renny HOME and 2 phones can be  connected at the same time. It offers a large array of features.

Once paired you can play music through the surprisingly good for its size speaker my trial unit did exhibit a slight background hiss that was noticable during soft passages but otherwise not a problem. Playing music was simple using the Voice Command function of the phone. In the case of my iPhone 6 that was Siri.

The ringer has selectable tones and is capable of a very loud ring. You can accept an incoming call by pressing the phone button or waiting until it announces the caller…using the address book…at which point you can use voice commands to tell the Renny HOME to “answer” or “ignore” the call. I was disappointed to find out I could not make outgoing calls. I could tell Siri to make a call which it did but the audio was routed to the iPhone and if I wanted audio on the Renny I had to switch it manually on the phone which kind of defeats the purpose. I had the same problem with an Android phone.


The Renny HOME is a handy device that does the job but at $160 the price is on the steep side. For the same price you can buy a Wireless phone with several handsets that will pair with your smartphone. You can buy the Renny products at the Olens Technology website.