Rogers launches new US roaming plan

rogers_logo_RR2Rogers announced a new, worry-free wireless US roaming internet rate is now available to customers travelling to the United States. For $7.99 per day, customers can access 50 Megabytes (MB) of data in the U.S., providing nearly twice the data a Rogers wireless customer would typically use on their smartphone per day while in Canada. Fifty MB per day can add up to a total of 1.5 Gigabytes (GB) of wireless data per month.

“Our customers can now have the confidence and peace of mind to use their smartphones and tablets in the U.S. to access the internet, just as they would at home,” said Raj Doshi, Senior Vice President, Products, Rogers Communications. “This new approach to roaming is simple and easy, and provides our customers with more cost certainty while using wireless data throughout the U.S.”

Research shows that the majority of Canadians want to use their smartphones to access the internet at a more affordable cost when travelling in the U.S. According to a national survey commissioned by Rogers Communications with Head Research, most Canadians (60 per cent) who travel to the U.S. have felt disconnected or out of touch without a data plan on their smartphone. With 50 MB of data, customers can view approximately 1,000 emails, more than 5,000 tweets, 50 maps, or 200 web pages.


From posting photos on Instagram, to checking up on pets, to updating Facebook, research reveals the top ways people want to stay connected while on vacation:

Smartphone as the travel companion: Canadians’ preferred activities include using maps (71%), looking up restaurants and local activities (61%), checking the weather (57%), and reviewing their travel or flight status on their device (58%).

Email preferred method to stay in touch: Almost two-thirds of Canadians (63%) would like to email others to let them know how their trip is going. Four out of 10 would like to update social media and/or upload photos online.

Canadians love Facebook: The majority of smartphone-owning Canadians (58%) want to send regular updates on Facebook when travelling in the U.S.

Instagram bragging rights: Almost three-quarters of Canadian Instagram account holders (71%) travelling to the U.S. for personal reasons want to post photos on Instagram from their smartphone.

Pets are Canadians’ best friends: Three quarters (73%) of pet-owning Canadians who travel to the U.S. would like to be able to check up on their pets back at home through email updates.

Now, when Rogers customers cross the U.S. border and turn on their smartphone, they are greeted with an SMS message that explains the new $7.99 wireless roaming internet rate. The new affordable rate automatically applies for most customers so they do not have to purchase a roaming data pack in advance. While in the U.S., customers can text the word “usage” to 3330 once every 10 minutes to get updates on their wireless internet usage when they are using the $7.99 rate.

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