Roam without pain with TELUS Travel Tracker

Are you planning to travel out of the country over the holidays and are concerned about running up huge roaming bills? Well, TELUS customers can now use a new Web app that helps take the pain out of International roaming.

Travel Tracker is a free web portal accessible via the smartphone’s web browser which will help you manage data usage and costs in real-time while travelling to the United States or internationally. You will find all this good stuff at on any TELUS 4G device.


As soon as you arrive in your destination country, you’ll receive a free text message informing you of the voice, SMS and data rates in that country, roaming options and now, a link to the Travel Tracker portal. In addition, TELUS will send a text notification right away letting you know when your device begins to use data while roaming. This is an important new feature because many times customers are not aware that data is being used in the background through certain applications, emails, auto-updates, etc. Once you return home you will get a summary text message showing data usage during your trip.

The Travel Tracker portal not only gives you peace of mind with the ability to track your data usage while traveling to help avoid bill shock, but you can also:

  •  Purchase travel passes  from the convenience of their smartphone that provide savings of 50 to 90 per cent off regular pay-per-use rates, including TELUS’ new US, Mexico and Caribbean Travel Passes which offer up to three times the value of our previous passes to these destinations
  •  Unblock their data service when it is blocked at high thresholds of usage. TELUS customers will receive text message notifications at various levels of data usage and are blocked once the threshold has been reached to protect from high accidental data charges. Using Travel Tracker, the customer can unblock their data service to continue using if they wish.
  • Get helpful roaming information and tips

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