New, Improved, and Fully Interactive CTV MYNEWS App

CTV News marks another first for Canadian news with its new CTV MYNEWS app and enhanced MYNEWS network. Developed in collaboration with Toronto based Start-Up FileMobile, the app is currently available on iOS devices and later this year on Android devices. CTV MYNEWS encourages viewers across the country to “See it, Shoot it, Send it” by becoming a member, creating an online profile, and submitting photos and video of breaking news content as it happens.


Building on the considerable resources of dedicated CTV News viewers, MYNEWS serves as an additional news source for CTV News as members’ content may be used to round out local and national news reports. In addition, MYNEWS acts as a forum for members to provide a real-time perspective of the news as it happens, comment on other members’ content, and connect with each other via Facebook.

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CTV’s MYNEWS network is a departure from other citizen journalism portals that rely on traditional phone and e-mail submissions as it allows members to curate and personalize their submissions. The MYNEWS network now also allows larger file uploads and incorporates push alerts, a media map, and geolocation, as well as a gamified points system that rewards participants for completing assignments in their geographical area, allowing them to increase their visibility by moving up on the MYNEWS leaderboard.

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“As Canada’s #1 news organization, we are committed to enhancing the dialogue we have with our dedicated viewers across the country and across all platforms,” said Wendy Freeman, President, CTV News. “MYNEWS extends our ability to deliver breaking news using emerging technologies, and increases the engagement we have with our viewers.”

The CTV MYNEWS app is a free download from the Apple App Store

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