Latest Home Robots from iRobot

iRobot is the name that comes to mind when thinking about home robots. iRobot was founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality. The first was the award winning Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Over the years the Roomba has been upgraded and improved and now the company manufactures robots to handle just about every household chore. Recently I got a look at the latest from iRobot.

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The trailblazing Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot comes in four models starting with the Roomba 650 at $450CAD. The $800CAD flagship Roomba 880, with the revolutionary new AeroForce Performance Cleaning System, is said to  clean floors like no vacuum has ever cleaned before. iRobot claims the patent-pending cleaning system removes up to 50% more dust, debris and hair from your floors by eliminating traditional bristle brushes, instead using AeroForce Extractors that offer even better performance and are virtually maintenance-free. 


If your floors need more than just vacuuming there is the $700CAD Scooba Scrubbing Robot. The revolutionary new Scooba Three-Cycle Cleaning Process has been redesigned from the ground up to clean hard floors three times better than ever before with even less work for you. Scooba 450 sweeps and pre-soaks, scrubs and squeegees hard floors, washing away up to 99.3% of bacteria. Just fill the robot and press CLEAN.

And for a quick dust there is the $350CAD iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot that dry or damp mops virtually any hard- floor surface with disposable or reusable microfiber cleaning cloths. Designed for quick cleaning, Braava systematically covers your entire floor in a single pass. 

For the outdoor cleaning job I hate with a passion there is the $350CAD iRobotLooj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot, a robot engineered to provide an effective, hands-free and safe solution for cleaning home rain gutters. 

iRobot Home Robots are available in most stores that sell home cleaning appliances.