Kitchen Reno — Day 1

We just started a journey to a new kitchen. The Vima Design crew arrived bright and early this morning and by the end of the day the old kitchen was gone and the new subfloor was installed.

Kitchen Reno day 1

When it was time for the boys to leave for the day everything was vacuumed and protective coverings were removed from the hall floors. From the look of the dust on some of the uncovered items I am sure glad we covered just about everything on the ground floor with drop sheets. The blower was off so there was no dust on the second floor.

The actual work is the culmination of weeks of picking out tiles, cabinets and appliances and if everything goes well we will be living in our new kitchen before the end of the month.

Now what does this have to do with technology…that comes when we get to the lighting and appliances so stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno — Day 1”

  1. Aren’t renovations fun. I would change the kitchen window while you’re at it. Perhaps you planned that already. if not, a nice new casement window will add to the finish.

    Mike T.

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