Do your kids need a Mobile Chaperone?

Just as parents teach their children to ride a bicycle or drive a car, responsible mobile device use is now an equally important milestone for families.  For those thinking about purchasing smartphones for the children in their lives this holiday season, ichaper, The Mobile Chaperone, a comprehensive smartphone monitoring application designed to encourage family dialogue around responsible mobile device use is the perfect accompaniment.


With 51% of children ages 2-14 using smart devices (according to NPD Group’s June 2013 Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play), Paris-based mobile developer Innovation 31 developed ichaper as a tool for parents to help chaperone and educate their children as they assimilate into the world of smartphones, the internet, social networks, and gaming. The one-stop, full-control app is designed to evolve as the child matures.

The ichaper app offers:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.59.31 PM

  •        Education – parental control options including call and text allowance*, usage scheduling, internet and application control.
  •        Privacy – Enables parents to monitor activity and set limits on a child’s mobile phone use without eavesdropping on private conversations or combing through text messages.  The child using the phone can review the parameters of use set by his or her parents.*
  •        Security – ICE information*, location based services, quick emergency calls, and parental alerts
  •      Peace of mind – GPS data including geofencing, geotracking and tracking on demand
  •       User-Friendly Interface – Parental Web-App for easy on-demand phone management

*Denotes features unique to ichaper

Currently available as a free download from the Google Play Store, ichaper offers all of its basic security features including geolocation free of charge. Subscriptions enabling access to premium parental control features are available for $19.90 /year.



Free Trial!

To celebrate the global launch of the app, ichaper is offering a six month free trial of ichaper’s full menu of services for every account connected to a phone before December 31, 2013. For more details take a look at the website.


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