JFK Conspiracy theorist? I have an app for you.

Friday of this week will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a crime that marked a generation. I can still remember clearly exactly where I was when I heard about it.

The Grassy Knoll Report combines detailed, historical research and studied analysis with contemporary photography and GPS-enabled maps. The result is an interactive tool that enables you to explore the deadly conspiracy that forever changed a nation.


The Grassy Knoll Report was created by Scenic Media and written by Joe Williams. Williams is an award-winning reporter and film critic for the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Williams will host director Oliver Stone at a special screening of his film JFK on the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

Some of what you’ll discover in ‘The Grassy Knoll Report’:

– Peel back the layers of conspiracy from the Mafia & C.I.A. to J.Edgar Hoover & LBJ.

– Visit Parkland Hospital where the staff discovered the infamous Magic Bullet.

– Shadow accused killer Lee Harvey Oswald from Mexico City to his murder in Dallas.

– Ride along to Oak Cliff where a mystery gunman shot dead Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit.

– Track Mafia middleman Jack Ruby on a speed-freak weekend that ended in murder.

– Descend to the basement garage where Ruby assassinated Oswald live on national TV.

I have browsed through The Grassy Knoll Report and it is a fascinating recounting of the tale for those who believe the assassination of President Kennedy was a conspiracy. Actually it is quite a read even if you are a 100% believer in the Warren Commission report.


The Grassy Knoll Report is primarily an iPhone app but it scales nicely to the iPad’s Retina screen. There are plenty of historical and contemporary photographs and it is interesting to use the Google Maps Streeetview feature to look at the scene in Dallas today. This is not an app for the casual browser…there is a lot of text and pictures to go through. I think the developer could have better used the features available on the iPad but if you are interested in the story the lack of whistles and bells won’t bother you. There are links to Historical video and audio but some of them are pretty expensive.

The Grassy Knoll Report is $0.99 at the App Store…well worth the price just for the pictures alone.

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