Why does everybody have to be so mad all of the time?

We get it — there’s rush hour traffic, the older guy in front of you may not be as fast at using the ATM, and no the universe is not against you just because the store ran out of your favorite ice cream. Daily aggravations we all face. Why can’t we put that angry energy towards doing something good instead?

Well, the good folks at HooplaHa decided to stir up the day to day drone by challenging their good friends at SoulPancake to a battle of kindness. Each took turns vine-ing awesome acts of kindness to out-good the other. This video is a blow by blow of the epic battle that ended with a whole bunch of winners. It tickled a lot of funnybones too, including mine.

After you have enjoyed the video browse around both combatants websites where you will find lots of fun stuff.

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