End portrait videos on iPhone

Just about any professional video we watch is shot in landscape model yet smartphone videos shot in portrait mode abound on the internet. I don’t know about you but, I find them uncomfortable to watch and wonder how much interesting stuff we are missing to the sides. Well wonder no more. Horizon an new iPhone app from Evil Window Dog shoots you videos in landscape mode no matter how you hold the phone.

Horizon uses he iPhone’s motion sensors (the accelerometer and gyroscope) to automatically scale and rotate input from the camera to generate videos that are always in landscape, no matter how the phone is actually being held. Look at how it works.

It works by measuring the tilt of the phone at every frame and then offsetting the effect by rotating the video by the same amount in the other direction. This results in a final image that is landscape. I gave it a try with my iPhone 5 and was quite impressed with the results.

Horizon filtersHorizon also offers a number of filters, this was shot with none. As you can see it works pretty well. It could use a bit more stabilization when phone is in portrait mood because it has the effect of using a telephoto lens as well as on the rotations. It took about 5 seconds for this video to render on my iPhone 5. I am told it happens much faster on the more powerful iPhone 5s. Still it is pretty impressive when you think of the processing power needed to do this adjustment frame by frame.

Horizon is currently selling at $1.00 for a limited time at the Apple App Store. Get it quick! It is a great app you will use a lot.

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