Easily Bought iPhone 6 Today

iPhone 6 LineupWhen I arrived at Fairview Pointe-Claire around 11 this morning I expected there be no iPhone 6 phones available for sale. After all quite a few camped out in freezing temperatures to be first in line.

My first stop was the Apple Store. No iPhone 6 Plus available but there was a lineup to buy the iPhone 6, plenty of which were in stock. The wait was about 45 minutes outside the store followed by another 20 minute wait inside to actually buy the phone. I asked some of the people on line why spend an hour or more to buy a new phone on day one.

I decided that since I plan to stay with TELUS for the next two years anyway I would go there for the subsidy. I was able to keep the very attractive features of my existing no-contract plan and picked up a 64Gb iPhone 6 in Space Grey for $375 and most important no waiting. TELUS had plenty of people on hand to take care of me and other iPhone 6 buyers.

Jean René quickly dug out my new iPhone 6 activated it and made sure my existing SIM card worked. I decided to opt for the $10 per month T-Up plan TELUS offers which includes Apple Care and Jean René activated it for me saving me the trouble of doing it online at home. The T-Up plan is a pretty good deal as it allows we to upgrade my phone after a year without having to pay a device balance and it includes Apple Care as well.

Setting up iPhone 6

I am setting up my new iPhone 6 now with all my apps and preferences so watch for a full review next week.