The best unit conversion app for iPhone

IMG_0406Everybody needs a unit conversion app  and there’s no shortage of unit conversion apps on the iPhone. I just discovered Vert. It is by far the most the best looking and easiest to use unit conversion app I’ve ever used. Clearly it was designed with iOS 7 in mind and its flat looks makes it a perfect fit for the new iOS 7.

IMG_0408Vert is much more than a pretty face. Vert has 33 categories with over 800 different units. Not only do you have the pretty standard weight, length, speed, time and volume units, you also get some unusual but useful units such as Hats & Caps, Shirt & Blouses, Shoes, Suits & Dresses even Typography conversions.

You can favorite whatever conversions you want so you can quickly just view a list of your most frequently converted items. Inside each category, you can favorite your most-converted units of measurements. For example, if you only use the Gallon US and Litre metric units, you can favorite them so you don’t need to scroll through the entire list of units each time.

IMG_0409Other nice features include support for automatic currency updates for 164 currencies from 249 countries and regions, unit conversion precision up to seven decimals, multiple color themes and sets of unusual units, such as Kardashian, donkeypower, manpower, shot glass, fully loaded 747, Manhattan city block and more. If you need a conversion Vert almost certainly has it.

Vert is the best unit conversion app I’ve ever used and is available from the App Store for $0.99.