Bell Fibe TV on Apple TV

Bell Fibe TV on Apple TV

If you were wondering where Apple was going with the TV app for Apple TV it previewed last week look no further that the deal with Bell Media put Bell Fibe TV on Apple TV. The communications and media giant today announced the availability of its popular Fibe TV service on the fourth generation Apple TV to subscribers in Ontario and Quebec..

Bell Fibe TV on Apple TV

In effect the Apple TV replaced Bell’s wireless receiver for extra TV’s Fibe TV subscribers may want to add to their service. There are however a few catches. Bell subscribers will have to add unlimited internet service to their package at a cost of $15 per month.

Perhaps more important the Apple TV is limited to receiving up to 450 channels of live or on demand programming for now. By the end of the year, Bell expects add Fibe TV recordings as well as pause and rewind live TV on Apple TV.

The Apple TV/Fibe TV hookup requires a minimum 15 Mbps internet connection and unlike with its wireless receivers Bell will not guarantee full HD reception. The quality will be dependent on internet speeds.

While it may not be perfect today this deal between Bell Media and Apple allows Bell to claim continuing advancement in technology and lets Apple gently dip its toes into the live TV marketplace. It will be interesting to see what kind of deals it can make with the big US providers.



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