Being among the first to upgrade to iOS 7 required persistence

First I did a full backup of my iPhone 5..I used iTunes via USB but if you generally use WiFi to iCloud, that will work too.

IMG_0382I started looking for the iOS 7 upgrade promptly at 1PM EDT..the time Apple has released iOS updates in the past. Surprisingly when I looked for it on the iPhone it was there.

But I knew that was too good to be true. Every time I tried to download it I got a failure message. so I figured I would try iTunes but the upgrade was not available there. Obviously I wasn’t the only one trying to among the first to upgrade and Apple’s servers were busy.

iOS7 fail

After about twenty minutes of trying on the iPhone5 the download finally succeeded…the actual download took about 7 minutes followed by 20 minutes of Preparing for Upgrade, a reboot then another ten minutes to complete the install before I was rewarded with my first look at iOS 7.


I completed all the initial setup and a quick look tells me my backup was unnecessary, all my apps and settings survived the upgrade. So now I am working on coming up with a full review. My first impression is favourable. I like the new flat look and really like the notification screen (swipe down)and the Quick Access screen (swipe up).

iOS7 Notif

Watch for a full review in the coming days.

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